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End of August to End of December 2019 self-study in Tamil Nadu, India taking precedence to the service of healing & teaching ...




NEW! 2019 @ Mahashivaratri

NEW! 2019

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Rosebud Victoria Australia 

Dharma ... Veda ... a basic description



..."Within the Vedic system of daily practice or sadhana are the tools, such as puja, worship, yoga and meditation, bhakti or devotion, pranayama, philosophical understanding, etc., that can provide the means for us to perfect ourselves and reach a perception of higher reality, of who we are and our purpose in this world"...


Ref:  http://www.pragyata.com/mag/the-purpose-of-defending-dharma-545, viewed 12/07/2018

Working with "pearl"...

Personal Sessions are available, either at my South Bank location or at your home...

Home visits for those who cannot make it to the studio & studio ambiance

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Following Russil Paul with these 3 Sutras from Patanjali for 2018

...a study of silence...

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The Holy Panchaksara

Meditation practice in my garden...March 2017

Honoured to be picked to participate Om Namaha  Shivaya Sadha S'iva

Beautiful GURU Harmonium

My Personal Yogini Plan for 2017/18

Tantric Mantra Chanting



1.  Vedic Studies @  Anamay Ashram, Uttarakhand, India, April 2018...done!


2.  Peter Hess Sound Massage Level  3 & 4 May 13 - 16, 2017 in Melbourne...done!


3.   Sanskrit Studies online 2017...done!


4.   Heart of Sound Module 1:100 hrs mid October, 2017...done!


5.  Vedic Chanting, Transcendental Meditation Studies & continuing self-development...ongoing 2018

10 years...Singing with the Melbourne Singers of Gospel,   .......... Lady Tenor now going on to 9 years!

"It's India" ... a solo Woman's Travels 2018

Ok... Eight weeks travelling India alone, a single, mature-aged woman delving into a culture of extremes...


I'll be adding my experiences periodically on my page "It's India" ...


Why? India is so intense, its culture so bombastic, it's spirit so huge; India demands resilience & self-perserverence! India, a place not for the faint hearted! That's why...

"A little bit about this yogini"

Dancer/Choreographer 1987 - 1997 (ish)

In October, 2015,  I was offered an opportunity to utilise and promote yoga and well being as Renate's Yogastyx & Wellness in Room 4, at Coventry House, 1/111 Coventry St., South Bank 3006 Melbourne Australia.  


I thank Positive Women, Living Positive & Straight Arrows graciously for this opportunity to promote wellbeing. I've trained in the following modalities for the last 30 years.  


These include Iyengar/Nada & 2017, Yoga of Sound & Heart of Sound.  Currently, 2018, I'm continuing wellness studies with Vedic Mantra, Classical Indian Vocals, Harmonium Vedic Chanting & Tonings,  Sound Vibrational Massage using Peter Hess singing bowls is another modality newly visited since 2016.  Wow, & 30 years of Swedish Therapeutic Massage -  since 1988.


Dance, music and theatre have had a strong influence in my life helping me to make choices that now reflect this path undertaken as a healer & spiritual seeker.


An integral part of my life involves sharing my yoga & sound experiences as a Teaching Yoga & Sound Therapist.  The wellbeing of all communities that I live in, plus the wellbeing of marine environments initiates the drive I display within mystic yogic paradigms of teaching and self-learning.  


My mission is to share this in a productive learning environment for all walks of life.  I never give up and its never too hard.  I've been told that my teaching manner is infectious, demanding yet compassionate and a good laugh is never far away. This dedication spans 30+  years of personal studies and practice.





Late 2015 early 2016 I had a absolutely wonderful trip to Rishikesh India.   One week of play and 4 weeks composing of 200 hours of teacher training to deepen my understanding of Naad (Nada) Yoga - sacred sound.  This is an ongoing development in my interest of Sound Health.


What a fantastic cultural yogini experience!  So much Raga, Kirtan, Philosophy, more Anatomy relating to Ayurvedic principles, Shakti cleansing, Mantra studies and of course Asana (poses).


I've instructed at three major yoga schools in Melbourne.  Firstly at Clifton Hill Yoga Studio where I trained, apprenticed, and taught over a period of 10 years, this also included 2 years of Yoga Therapeutic assistance. Yoga Moves in Balaclava accumulating 7 years and St. Kilda Yoga School for over 3 years. 


Since 2006 I've taught as a freelance instructor teaching private sessions in homes which still continues today in Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula where I live.  


Private sessions are also held in Room 4 @ Coventry House; all you need to do is book yourself in.  


Please contact me regarding any questions you may have concerning yoga or your yoga practice.  


My forte in teaching sits in the realm of yoga basics for beginners to advanced practitioners and for those in a place of discomfort due to illness and/or age.  


E-mail: renatesyogastyx.wellness@gmail.com


Call me 0434144804 & leave a SMS so I can phone you back! Jaigurudev Renate


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Leaving beloved Rishikesh February 2016

S'iva S'iva

Celebrating with Ragas Institute from Rowville